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Name:gєrrч σ'cσnnєr
Birthdate:Nov 12

"I like walking for a change; makes me feel normal."

Name: Geraldine Bronte O'Conner
Nickname: Gerry
Age: 22
Date of Birth: November 12, 1986
Place of Birth: Billingham, England
Current Residence: Anywhere
Gerry has the ability to "Jump." That's the cool way of saying she can teleport. She can go anywhere in the world, as long as she's either been there before or seen a picture of it. She can take just about anything with her, as long as it isn't tethered to the ground. (She could try, but the odds are she would kill herself in the process.) Electricity jolts can stop her, as well as tethering her down to one spot.
Geraldine learned how to fend for herself very early on. She's been on the run ever since she was a kid. It wasn't for anything she did. At least, it didn't start like that. Gerry has been hunted for what she is; a Jumper. She's had the ability ever since she was a small girl. She first discovered her power when she was five years old, accidentally teleporting away from Martyr's Memorial in Oxford in front of a busload of tourists. Soon after, people began hunting for her. She never understood why, as her parents tried to make things as normal and safe as possible for her. But she understood the main point: With every power comes someone who wants to destroy it. There was a group called Paladins whose sole job was to seek out and kill Jumpers. They caused the O'Conner family to flee, moving all over the globe.

When Gerry was nine, they were in the United States, in San Diego. She was home-schooled by her mother, while her father taught her how to use her ability. Gerry knew this wasn't a normal childhood, but she didn't mind. It afforded her a great education, and she really loved being with her mom and dad. They still allowed her to join an after school activity for the sake of meeting children her age. One day after her karate lesson, she was approached by the class bully, who was looking for a real fight. Gerry couldn't help it. She Jumped away from the bully's punch out of instinct. The same night, the Paladins found her home. They posed as an educational service, but it wasn't long before they started to viciously attack. Gerry did a little damage got away, but the damage they had done was far worse. The Paladins killed her parents.

As a kid, Gerry Jumped from place to place, just trying not to get caught by the bloodthirsty killers. While most Jumpers are found and killed when they are young, Gerry eluded capture. Her parents prepared her for this life. She went absolutely everywhere. Gerry picked up languages and cultures easily. As she traveled all over the world, she met all kinds of people. People she called care-givers and friends. At one point, she even fell in love with an American boy from New Jersey. Eventually, they were all killed or turned against her by Paladins trying to get to her.

As the years went by, losing everyone she remotely cared about did things to Gerry's head. Living like a rat, underground and all alone, paranoid about who was coming to get her, didn't help anything. Anger festered in her like a wound that went uncared for too long. Her life was a mockery of what it should be, and it was all the Paladins' fault. Her motive changed from survival to murder. Gerry wanted nothing more in the world than to hunt every single Paladin down and rip their guts out. It became her life's work. She started this work at sixteen, learning how to track them down, bait them out, and then violently put an end to them. It became the only purpose to her life.

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Muse is a 63'ed, or genderbent, form of Griffin O'Conner from the movie Jumper. Mun and muse over 18.
§ Information layout credit goes to [personal profile] lavaliere.
§ Coding done by [personal profile] advancing.
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